What does success look like on the Troubled Families Programme?

In this, the second phase of the programme, families are ‘turned around’ when they have:

  • achieved significant and sustained progress, compared with all their problems at the point of engagement , OR
  • an adult in the family has moved off benefits and into continuous employment.

What counts as significant and sustained progress is agreed locally and set out in a Troubled Family Outcome Plan.

Here at Foundations Project, we work in partnership with the local authorities to address these issues. Foundations Project is the first of its kind, designed to address the troubled family agenda by helping build the foundations to support families in need – through our centres that offer support, therapy and education.

Our courses are all delivered within a residential setting for the whole family. They are ideal for families receiving social care support or charity support to overcome long-standing problems, which can lead to children repeating the cycle of issues which may include: domestic violence, relationship breakdown, mental and physical health problems and families that are in need of re-connecting

If you are one of these social care or charity workers why not contact us now and discuss your requirements on 07772784710