Early intervention: the key to supporting troubled families

In December 2010, the government pledged to invest an additional £448 million in the Troubled Families Programme. However, it was estimated that the 120,000 of the most troubled families would cost around £9 billion per year, £8 billion of which was spent purely reacting to the problems caused and experienced by these families. Only an estimated £1 billion was being spent on targeted interventions to help these families address their problems for the long term, with such high costs on a stretched government the issue is deemed unsustainable.

It is clear that these troubled families are not receiving the support they need until problems are out of control and they are referred to crisis support. It would make sense for governments to tackle the issues within troubled families before they take root, not only saving the government budget – but saving time, relationships and families along the way.

Early intervention works to prevent difficulties from escalating or becoming entrenched within a family. But the delivery of early intervention is not the responsibility of a single agency, it is essential that local agencies work together to help identify troubled families and any emerging difficulties to be able to effectively help them from the beginning. Early intervention is a cost-effective approach that reduces the need for more expensive intensive interventions as troubled family situations become more complicated. In the short term early intervention will require a refocusing of limited resources, but investing in early intervention now could prevent the next generations suffering the same troubled family issues as their parents.

Here at the Foundation Project our courses all delivered within a residential setting for the whole family. Ideal for families receiving social care support or charity support to overcome long-standing problems which can lead to children repeating the cycle. Including issues such as domestic violence, relationship breakdown, mental and physical health problems and other families in need of re-connecting.

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