5 Budget friendly home entertainment ideas for children

Whether it’s the weekend or school holidays, keeping the kids entertained is often thought to be costly – but it doesn’t have to be! Trips out to places such as the cinema or trampoline park are a favourite with children, but they can cost as much as £40 a time for the whole family to join in on the fun, creating a barrier for some families to spend some quality fun time together. That’s why we have created this list of budget-friendly ideas, so you can keep the kids entertained for hours whilst spending some quality family time together, without even having to leave the house!


Children’s vegetable garden

Children love the outdoors and providing them with their own little space for growing and looking after some vegetables is a rewarding activity that they are bound to love! A small vegetable garden could cost you as little as a few pounds if you already have some pots and soil. If you want a little variety of veg, or just some carrots in a pot by the back door, growing vegetables with children is budget-friendly and requires a little bit of upkeep, therefore it offers additional fun-time to water, check-up on and harvest your selected veg.

Take a look here for some ideas on what to grow and how:


Back garden camping

Another great outdoorsy activity is camping in the back garden, making for a much more exciting sleepover – whether you decide to invite a few of your children’s friends or keep it to family fun. Camping can be a bit costly if you don’t have a tent, but that’s what indoor camping is for! Either way, your children will have a great time putting up a tent in the garden or creating a tent indoors with blankets. With some light snacks, marshmallows, stories or games, camping can provide hours of fun.

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Movie night

It’s no secret that the cinema costs a lot of money for a family of four or more, and especially because we know the children will want a drink and some sweets or popcorn! But not to worry, because you can host your very own movie night in the comfort of your own home, armed with pillows, blankets, snacks and some DVDs you and the children haven’t seen – either from a boot fair or charity shop for as little as 50p – £1 each.

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Treasure hunt

Children love an exciting adventure, so what could be more exciting than a themed treasure hunt? Mystery clues, a lot of thinking and the secret goodies at the end, treasure hunts make for a perfect activity that can suit any budget, depending on the treasure at the end! This activity takes a little more planning, but it will be just as fun for you to watch them unravel the clues to reach the end.

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Children’s crafts

There are plenty of crafts that require little or no shop-brought materials and they don’t all have to be messy with glue and glitter left everywhere! Take a look at these 3 craft ideas for budget-friendly crafts:

Salt dough ornaments

Cards for all occasions